PROGES is an independent consulting firm drawing on a inter-disciplinary professional experts network, with a strong aptitude for combining intellectual competences with the ability to develop practical solutions and to field-work.


High standard consulting services and innovative tools & methods for the implementation of sustainable development projects  on a number of focus areas affecting a variety of thematic sectors.


A proven track record of projects translating ‘know how’ into local ‘how to’, an ability to customize methods quickly and efficiently and, in doing so, maximize the most from time, resources and expertise.

A wide geographical experience across the globe:

- Europe (Albania, France, Italy);
- North Africa and Middle East (Algeria, Egypt, Palestinian Territories, Jordan, Yemen, Lebanon);
- Africa (Kenya, Mozambique, South Africa, Zimbabwe);
- Latin America (Brazil, Ecuador, Peru);
- Papua New Guinea;
- Carribean Region (Dominican Republic);
- Asia (Nepal).