Solutions for Sustainable Development

PROGES is an independent firm delivering high quality solutions for Sustainable Development built upon innovative methods and tools. PROGES solutions draws on an inter-disciplinary professional network spanning various thematic areas and combining strong teamwork skills with the capacity to transpose intellectual competences into practical project implementation and fieldwork. A two-decades track record of successfully implemented projects translating know how into locally contextualized how to, attests PROGES ability to customize methods quickly and efficiently and, in doing so, maximize the most from project resources through its corporate competences.

Focus areas

Multi-stakeholders strategic planning

MultMulti-stakeholders strategic analysis, policy making, planning and programming for sustainable development, mainstreaming environment into development plans, Strategic Environmental Assessment, management of protected areas.

Institutional capacity building

Design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of institutional capacity building projects.

Information Technology tools

Design and implementation of computerized data analysis and decision support tools, as well as related database applications (both Geographical Information System and tabular databases). Design and implementation of software tools/systems distributed over the internet web as well as smartphone and tablet Apps.

Research and field surveys

Execution of field surveys and data collection/generation campaigns; drafting of standard monitoring procedures (focusing biodiversity, management of water resources, local development, health).

Solid Waste Management

Development of Integrated solid waste management plans; design of treatment facilities; design of waste collection and hauling services; hydro-geological assessments; economic and financial analyses and plans for solid waste management.

Local Development

Design and implementation of local development plans and ground projects.


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PROGES - Progetti di Sviluppo - S.r.l.

PROGES is a Società a responsabilità limitata or Srl (equivalent to a Limited Liability Company, regulated by the Italian Civil Code of 1942 and amended by the Government Act 6/2003).

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